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LED & Lighting Upgrades

Homeowners are increasingly exploring LED lighting upgrade options or installing high-efficiency bulbs. Central Electrical Systems has the right team for the job if that's something you're interested in.

Are LED light bulbs and fixtures a good way to lower my Energy Levels?

Yes, you probably already know that LED light bulbs can save you money on your electrical bill and will also simultaneously brighten up your room or work area.

Different LED Bulb Types

In recent years there have been numerous technological advancements in the power and electrical industries, and none are more attainable to the everyday user than an LED light bulb or upgrade. As a local leader in the lighting industry, electrical repairs, and new installations we at Central Electrical Systems are eager to help you join the LED revolution.

An LED lighting upgrade or new installation has many benefits and is now an industry-standard in new electrical installations. LED lights are much more efficient than traditional incandescent lightbulbs. That means they will last longer, reduce your energy bills, and require far less frequent replacement for both bulbs and fixtures.

Additionally, the style and design elements of LED bulbs and fixtures have come a long way since their inception. Now, many of the most modern lighting installation projects are exclusively LED. As you consider your upcoming electrical installations or an LED lighting upgrade, take these different types of LED bulbs into consideration.

LED Bulb Styles:

  • Vintage LED bulbs are great for decorative light features and creating ambiance.
  • Tube LED lamps are great for kitchens, garages, workshops, office spaces and much more and serve as an excellent replacement for fluorescent bulbs.
  • Candle LED bulbs can be used in Chandeliers or similar features to emit candle-like lighting.
  • Globe LED bulbs are excellent for vanities, track bulbs, pot lights and many more applications.
  • Flood Light LED bulbs are perfect for your home or business’s exterior lighting. There are also colour-changing applications as well.

Name the desired use, and we guarantee that there is a style of LED bulb designed for just that.

How Can I use my LEDs Effectively?

With all of the different styles of LEDs available, it can be overwhelming to decide what kind of lighting installation is appropriate where.

When lighting a Bedroom, try to create a calm atmosphere-utilizing neutral soft blue tones for reading lights.

Contrast that with Office Space, where you will need ample light to maximize work efficiency. Cool white lights are good for productivity and brightness control is a nice touch as well.

Your Living Room is likely one of the social centers of your home, and having a variety of lighting options available is a good move. Brightness control is a good way to accomplish this, and things like spot lamps and accent lighting will add certain levels of class.

Your Dining Room and Kitchen are also social centers, and it is critical to light them appropriately. Avoid over-lighting your dining room, instead opt for soft neutral lights with dimmers to help create ambiance. Many kitchens benefit from strong blue lighting overhead combined with accent lighting on your counters/workspaces.

As you can see, there are countless ways to approach LED electrical installations, and every home and business owner will have their own style and preference. As a leading provider of electrical services throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland Central Electrical Systems Inc. has seen it all and have a wealth of knowledge if you are looking for an expert opinion.

Whether you are ready to start your LED lighting upgrade or new installation or simply have some questions give the team at Central Electrical Systems a call today. We are here for you! Our electrical work is guaranteed!

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