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Building Service and Maintenance

Our licensed electricians in Abbotsford have years of experience in a variety of environments, including commercial and multi-residential developments in the lower mainland. We offer electrical repairs and maintenance depending on your building needs.

Are you looking to replace the blinking fluorescent light fixtures that have illuminated your office for over twenty years? Or are you developing a new multi-residential property that will have a top-to-bottom electrical service installation? Whatever your electrical needs, Central Electrical Systems should be your first call when it comes to residential buildings or multi-office building services.

Our licensed commercial electricians are mindful that repair projects require unique considerations compared to new construction and renovation projects, to ensure that residents/tentants and/or patrons are disturbed as little as possible. We come prepared to deal with these and other challenges, using our knowledge and expertise to give you the right solutions – the first time.

Why Central Electrical Systems?

The technicians at Central Electrical Systems are licensed and highly trained electricians with years of experience working in the Greater Vancouver Area. All of our electrical services are performed according to local building codes, regulations, and guidelines. We also have our own man-lift, ensuring we can safely and efficiently complete work at higher elevations.

Beyond that, our friendly staff are customer service experts. We come prepared to coordinate between tenants, building caretakers, property managers, and strata councils. And did we mention that we provide service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? We’re always here to keep your electrical current flowing and your property safe.

Are you looking for the best electrician near you?

Our electrical contractors provide electrical repairs and installation services in Abbotsford and all communities throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland 24/7.

Commercial Building Electrical Maintenance

Many electrical problems can be avoided by routine maintenance work. Our electricians in Abbotsford can assess your commercial property and identify areas of concern before they become a nuisance or safety liability. For example, preventative measures like fire alarm verification and system testing/troubleshooting will give you peace of mind about the condition of your electrical services. We also provide emergency power circuits, motor controls, and data/communication line installation.

Property Maintenance

As buildings age, electrical maintenance is an inevitable reality. That’s why clients often contact us proactively, seeking our maintenance recommendations before issues start to occur. We can help you plan and perform a host of maintenance items. Enhance safety on your property with upgraded exterior and parkade lighting. Brighten your interior common areas with a modern light design and new fixtures in hard-to-access areas like vaulted ceilings. Whatever your need, Central Electrical Systems will help you preserve the value of your property.

Tenant Improvements

Whether you are seeking tenant improvements for a single unit or an entire building, our licensed electricians have the knowledge and experience to complete your project. We will arrive in a timely manner, diagnose any issues, and provide practical solutions that meet current building codes and regulations. Our team has done it all, from lighting repairs to electrical wiring installation to complicated building rewiring upgrades. Let our expertise make your improvement project a smoother experience.

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Our staff can review your options and make expert recommendations specifically for your building needs. We take great pride in our ability to perform all types of repairs and upgrades. Get in touch and let us help you preserve the electrical health of your property.

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