All You Need to Know About EV Charger Installations

The Electric Vehicle revolution is upon us! As this is a new technology many of our clients have questions about EV Charger installations. As more vehicles enter the market and more consumers transition to this new exciting mode of transportation there is an increasing need for car chargers and EV installation for residential or commercial purposes. What follows are some of the most common!
Your Questions. Our Answers

EV Charging Stations - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin my EV charger installation assessment?

For every home considering an EV Charger, we will need to conduct an on-site review and collection of information. You can begin by giving us a call. We also can complete a walkthrough by phone to go through a questionnaire that will provide the electrical technician with information about your installation requirements.

What are the electrical requirements for EV chargers?

A LEVEL 2 EV charging station is wired into a dedicated 208–240-volt AC, 40-60 Amp circuit at 60 Hz.

How fast is a LEVEL 2 EV charger?

LEVEL 2 chargers deliver 6.2 to 19.2 KW versus the 1.2KW you will get from a LEVEL 1.

  • Typically, a LEVEL 2 charger will get 53 Km’s of range per hour of charging. This mean you are charging up to 8 times faster with a LEVEL 2 charging station.
  • Charging time for a LEVEL 2 charger is 3-8 hours from empty to full charge!
Can I install my LEVEL 2 home EV charging station?

It is recommended that a licensed electrical technician professionally install the home EV charging station. At Central Electrical Systems, we are certified and have installed a broad range of EV chargers in the Greater Vancouver Area. There are warranty issues without having the proper qualifications. We also feel that electrical changes in your home or business can be dangerous to attempt by yourself.

Can I plug my EV into a regular electrical wall outlet?
  • Yes, this is a LEVEL 1 EV charging station application. A standard household wall outlet is rated at 120-volt AC, 15 Amp circuit at 60 Hz. This application is very inefficient and takes too long to charge your vehicle. A Level 2 charges between 2-8 times faster.
  • Typically, a LEVEL 1 charger will get 6.5 km of range per hour of charging.
  • Charging time for a LEVEL 1 charger is 11-20 hours from empty to a full charge!
Does the LEVEL 2 EV charging station have to be installed in your garage?

Simply put no!

Typically, most manufacturers have a NEMA 4 rating which is for indoor/outdoor installations. The charging stations are made for the Canadian Climate and are certified to withstand temperatures down to -40C and up to 50C outside along with a lot of precipitation. There are bollard applications available for mounting if required.

What is the advantage of having an EV charging station that is connected to a network?
  • A network connection lets you configure smart features like a charging schedule that works best for your needs.
  • If you have power limitations during peak hours have the charger turn on in non peak hours.
  • View your usage data on a secure online app.
  • Control charging for your Phone or Tablet
What is Power-Sharing?

It is a technology that allows you to add a second EV charging station to the same Level 2 circuit breaker as your needs grow.

If you are considering purchasing an Electric Vehicle and need or want to have your own charging station at your home (single-unit), office or condominium (multi-unit charger stations) to go along with it, then look no further than the Premier EV charging specialists at Central Electrical Systems Inc. We are a leader in EV installations.

At Central Electrical Systems we consider your safety of your family and home or office space to be paramount. Stay safe and always hire a qualified electrician for any electrical need. Our certified electricians service commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the Fraser Valley and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Our electrical work is guaranteed!

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