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Electrical Safety Inspection

it’s never wise to make assumptions when it comes to electricity. That’s why Central Electrical Systems offers electrical safety inspections for both residential and commercial buildings.

It’s easy to take your electrical system for granted. Your lights turn on when you flip the switch. Your coffeemaker faithfully brews your breakroom coffee. Your electrical outlets tirelessly charge your phone, laptop, and tablet multiple times a day. Everything must be okay, right?

We certainly hope that’s true. However, it’s never wise to make assumptions when it comes to electricity. This is really important for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.

When should I get an electrical safety inspection?

Property owners often request an electrical safety inspection before they take possession of a new home or commercial building. They want to know what they’re buying and avoid costly future surprises.

In addition, some insurers will require an inspection before providing you with an insurance policy. You may even be eligible for a discount based on the results of your inspection.

If you’ve owned your property for several years, it may be prudent to obtain a proactive inspection – especially if you’re installing a new appliance or planning a renovation. Electrical components wear down over time, and it’s always best if you can address issues before they turn into an active problem or emergency.

Why do I need an electrician to perform my electrical safety inspection?

Most of your electrical system is not located in plain sight. That means it can be difficult for even home inspectors and general experts to identify flaws or hazards in your system.

If you want an inspection you can trust, you’ll want to hire a licensed electrical contractor. They work with electricity day in and day out, which means they have the experience to spot red flags that others might miss. More importantly, they’ll be intimately familiar with local codes and regulations, not just general electrical principles.


Are you looking for the best electrician near you?

Our electrical contractors provide electrical repairs and installation services in Abbotsford and all communities throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland 24/7.

What can I expect from my electrical safety inspection?

Your electrical contractor will likely require 2 to 4 hours to complete your inspection, depending on the size of your property. They will inspect and test all electrical components – including (but not limited to) breaker panels, outlets, appliances, smoke detectors, and vent fans. Their goal is to confirm that everything is safely installed and up to the current electrical code.

Once they complete their inspection, your licensed electrician will provide and carefully guide you through their detailed report. They’ll happily report the components that are working and in accordance with your local regulations. Where issues are present, they’ll take the time to explain the problem and propose the required solution. They’ll also flag any areas that might be addressed for improved system performance and efficiency.

Our experienced team of licensed electricians is passionate about making sure your home or commercial property is fully powered and safe. Don’t take your electrical system for granted.

Central Electrical Systems is proud to serve Abbotsford and the surrounding communities on Lower Mainland. Call us today to schedule your electrical safety inspection so you can focus on enjoying your property.

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