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Commercial Electrical Services

Our licensed commercial electricians are equipped to serve a wide range of commercial properties in Abbotsford and the lower mainland in the Greater Vancouver Area. From retail outlets, office spaces, dental clinics, parking lots, warehouses, commercial residential buildings, and more, we provide commercial electrical services.

Your commercial property relies on stable electrical service. That’s why “keeping the lights on” isn’t just a metaphor to the team at Central Electrical Systems.

We recognize that every business industry has unique needs. A retail storefront requires lighting that will highlight the display of mannequins. Restaurants often want their lighting to create an environment that will put their diners at ease. Meanwhile, office spaces are concerned about the intentional placement of electrical outlets, making sure their desktop workstations are fully and conveniently powered. And that’s just scratching the surface of all the different challenges.

Whatever work sector you’re in, we’re ready and able to assist. Our first task is to learn what’s most important for your commercial space. When we understand your needs, our commercial electricians in Abbotsford can deliver comprehensive solutions that will free you up to focus on your most important work.

Why Central Electrical Systems as Your Commercial Electrical Contractor?

With headquarters centrally based in Abbotsford, Central Electrical Systems serves all of B.C.’s Lower Mainland. Our licensed electricians are carefully selected because we want to make sure our team brings knowledge and expertise to every single project. We’re proud to serve the Lower Mainland, providing commercial electrical services in accordance with local building codes, regulations, and guidelines.

Our Commercial Electrical Services Include:

Whether you’re a builder preparing a new construction project or a business owner renovating your existing space, we’re equipped to handle your installation needs. Our licensed electricians in Abbotsford can install new light fixtures, switches, electrical circuit breakers, panels, fuses, and even backup generators. We can also perform LED lighting upgrades, both inside and outdoors.

Electrical Maintenance Services

We believe that preventative care is vitally important for both the long-term performance of your electrical system and also the safety of your employees. Our commercial building service and electrical maintenance include infrared scanning, diagnostic testing, and coordination studies. We identify areas of concern before they become a nuisance or safety liability.

Electrical Repair Services

Do you need to repair an existing electrical installation? Whether your issue is a mere nuisance or an urgent emergency, we can help. Our experienced are technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you looking for the best electrician near you?

Our electrical contractors provide electrical repairs and installation services in Abbotsford and all communities throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland 24/7.

Give us a call and let us know how we can restore your electrical service to working order.

Electrical Commercial Upgrades Services

If you’re looking to renovate, we can deliver the electrical upgrades you’re looking for: installing new light fixtures, relocating receptacles and switches, and even upgrading your service panel. Involve us at the outset so we can advise on more efficient lighting options to achieve your desired ambience.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Not sure if your commercial building complies with current safety regulations? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We can provide an electrical assessment of your property to uphold workplace safety and put your mind at ease with our electrical safety inspection service.

EV Charging Stations for Your Business’ Parking Lot

Commercial EV charging station installations are a growing trend in the electric vehicle market. As more and more businesses are looking to transition to sustainable energy, installing EV charging stations is becoming a must for businesses to cater to their clients’ and employees’ needs. Central Electrical Systems offers expert multi-unit installation services for your parking lot. Our team of experienced electricians will assess your business needs to provide a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

With Central Electrical Systems, you can be confident that your commercial EV charging station installation will be a reliable and efficient solution for your business.

Our Commercial Electrical Services in the Greater Vancouver Area Include:

  • Routine servicing and building maintenance
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Electrical circuit breaker, panel, fuse, and service upgrades
  • Back-up generator installs
  • Commercial Lighting repairs
  • Ballast replacements
  • LED lighting installs and upgrades
  • Outdoor LED lighting installs and upgrades
  • Tenant improvements
  • Warehouse electrical improvements
  • Medical and dental clinic servicing
  • EV charging station installation and repairs


If you’re looking to repair, maintain, or upgrade the electrical services on your commercial property, get in touch. We’ll take the time to get to the heart of your concerns and offer knowledgeable value-based solutions. Let us serve you and put your electrical headaches to rest.

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